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Why Almutakhassisa Emerge

It emerged as a bold and strong initiative to guide, upgrade and develop the country's medical insurance market in accordance with the growing awareness of the role of the medical insurance as a single solution to the increasing medical treatment costs to the individuals, families and institutions.

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Where Do Subscribers Receive Medical Service

In Sudan in the best private hospitals such as Royal Care International Hospital , Al Zaytouna Specialist Hospital , Al Faisal Specialized Hospital, Al Baraha Medical City, Doctors Hospital and others. With distinguished consultants and pharmacies in all states of Sudan and abroad such as Egypt, Jordan, India, Thailand, Turkey and Germany.

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What Do We Offer

We offer medical insurance that cover all medical treatment stages including chronic and intractable diseases, Medical care funds management services for institutions, Travel insurance that covers cost of emergency treatment abroad and Group Takaful Service.

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Almutakhassisa Mobile Application

Through Almutakhassisa Mobile Application you can communicate with us and know the latest news and latest products in the medical insurance field, and you can access our medical network and research with high flexibility in addition to many other advantages.
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